Marine Corps Physical Fitness


Marine Corps Physical Fitness


Resilience is an important aspect of a Marine's personal and professional life.  It ensures that when faced with the challenges all Marines face in and out of combat, they will be able to meet those challenges, drawing from internal and external sources of strength and support.  How Marines build and maintain resilience is unique to each Marine and every Marine unit. However, there are 8 areas, or "domains," in which Marines can assess, build, and maintain their overall resilience:

- Physical

- Nutrition

- Psychological/Mental

- Social

- Spiritual

- Medical & Dental

- Financial

- Environmental

Following the direction in the Commandant's Planning Guidance and as a growing initiative within the Marine Corps, Force Fitness Division is the service-level agency for synchronizing, coordinating, and leading efforts to develop evidence-based education and holistic approaches to building and maintaining resiliency.  This site serves as a "one stop shop" for individuals interested in addressing their own resilience and motivated in enhancing their command's overall resilience.

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