The Human Performance Office, in collaboration with the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine is conducting a body composition study to ensure that Marine Corps policies and standards strike the right balance between health, performance, fitness, and military appearance.

This study is one of the most technologically advanced studies on the is topic since the 1980s. The information gathered through this study will help inform the future of BCP standards in the Marine Corps. Currently, the study is underway at MCB Quantico, Camp Barrett, and will last until early 2022.

Study volunteers will undergo three body composition assessments via different methods such as the Dual Energy X-ray absorptiometry, 3D body scan, bioelectrical impedance, and one performance assessment conducted on a force plate.
DEXA is the industry “gold standard” that uses a three-compartment model approach to quantify regional fat mass, lean mass, and bone mineral density. Scans take approximately 4-7 minutes, and Marines will receive feedback from the scan.
The 3D body scanner uses a two-compartment model approach to assess fat and lean mass. The scan collects 2 million data points in 8 seconds to process over 240 circumference-based body measurements in less than 2 minutes. Marines can then view a unique digital 3D surface model of themselves and estimated body fat percentage.

The bioelectrical impedance method uses an imperceptible electrical current that reacts differently in the various compartments of the body. Lean tissues are good conductors of electricity, whereas fat and bone are not. BIA uses these differences to estimate lean mass and fat mass.

The Counter Movement Jump is a performance-based metric used in athletics. The force plate is designed to measure the forces and movement applied when a Marine jumps on it.

For scheduling please email: identifying 5 days that that you have available to for testing.  As a planning factor you will need to account for driving to/from TBS. The conduct of the testing portion itself will take approximately 30 minutes, if you arrive on time and with the appropriate paperwork filled out/with you and clothing (compression shorts and green on green PT gear). Further details will be emailed to you once you are scheduled.