Marine Corps Physical Fitness


Marine Corps Physical Fitness


Guidance for Conducting Physical Testing During COVID-19


-The CY 2021 semi-annual PFT requirement remains in effect.  Marines are able to conduct the PFT.


-Health protection measures will be utilized while conducting the CFT and PFT to include the use of face masks, sanitation of equipment, and social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Marines being evaluated during physical testing do NOT need to wear a face mask unless they choose to do so.  However, Marines assisting in events that require a partner SHALL wear a face mask.


The CY 2020 semi-annual CFT requirement has been cancelled.  See MARADMIN 731/20.


Announcing the release of the updated NAVMC 11622 "PFT/CFT Performance Worksheet" with the inclusion of the plank scoring column.  Get a copy of the form in the NAVMC Menu on the right side of this screen.                                                                                                   

Check out the official MCTIMS PFT/CFT calculator.  It can be found on the PFT/CFT page.  It is up to date with the new changes made to MCO 6100.13A CH/2 including the addition of the plank.                                                            



Human Performance Office conducts service-level coordination of human performance and resiliency policies and programs in order to enable the achievement of the TECOM mission to train and educate the force.


  •     Conduct human performance policy development and implementation (general and occupational fitness standards, injury prevention, nutrition, sports medicine, martial arts, and water survival).

  •     Conduct and facilitate human performance research.

  •     Explore and implement emerging human performance research.

  •     Conduct and facilitate Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program evaluation and assessment.

  •     Explore, coordinate, implement, and oversee Marine Corps resiliency initiatives (e.g. nutrition, spiritual, and psychological fitness).    


For any questions or if you have ideas on how to enhance the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program, please contact by email at TECOM.FORCEFITNESS@USMC.MIL or by phone at (703) 784 2231.



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