Marine Corps Physical Fitness


Marine Corps Physical Fitness



*********Marine Corps Fitness Survey Now Open*********

CMC and the Force Fitness Division would like Marines’ input to decide whether changes to the Marine Corps’ Physical Fitness Program are needed. We recognize that Marine time is valuable. As such, we have randomly selected a sample of battalions/squadrons to be given the opportunity to participate in a Marine Corps Fitness Survey.

Please log into your Marine Online (MOL) account. If you were selected, you will have a message titled, Marine Corps Fitness Survey, providing you the survey link. If you were not selected, you will not have received such a message and no further action is required.
********* Forthcoming Changes to the Physical Fitness Test Released*********
MARADMIN announces a forthcoming change to the physical fitness test (PFT) to include the plank as an alternative to the abdominal crunch.
The full MARADMIN can be viewed at the link below:



 The Force Fitness Division is the service level agency responsible for the development of policy, standards, oversight, synchronization, and coordination of all elements of physical fitness in order to enable a professional, service-wide approach to enhancing the physical conditioning of the warrior athlete.

Additionally this website provides Commanders and Marines guidance and resources in how to conduct the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program (MCPFP). This includes workout routines, official guidance on Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Testing, the Marine Corps Body Composition and Military Appearance Program, MCMAP, Sports Medicine Injury Prevention and other physical fitness-related programs. Information available will also include Force Fitness Instructor resources. 



For any questions or if you have ideas on how to enhance the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program, please contact: TECOM.FORCEFITNESS@USMC.MIL OR 703-784-2231.



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