Sports Medicine Injury Prevention

***** The SMIP programs effects in the Fleet Marine Force are on full display in the attached article written by Sergeant Moody of Defense Media Activity.*****

                                                    Athletic Trainers are Enablers of Marine Corps Readiness

SMIP Overview

-  The mission of the Sports Medicine Injury Prevention (SMIP) Program is to reduce attrition and lost work-days associated with musculoskeletal injuries (MSKI) in order to increase operational readiness of individual Marines and their units.

-  This mission will be accomplished through the utilization of certified athletic trainers (ATs) assigned throughout the operating forces and entry level training sites.  The ATs offer Marines, organizational Force Fitness Instructors, Navy Medicine providers, and unit commanders the tools to assist in preventing or mitigating injuries in order to reduce the need for advanced medical intervention, light/limited duty status and lost work-days.

 -Click on the video below for more information about the Marine Corps Sports Medicine Injury Prevention (SMIP) Program