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Spiritual Fitness
Official site for Marine Corps Spiritual Fitness

For Leaders

Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCDP) 6-10.1, Spiritual Fitness Leader’s Guide, is designed to equip leaders with the information needed to understand and lead in spiritual fitness. This will enable leaders to grow in their own spiritual fitness as well as to lead, teach, and facilitate periods of instruction, professional military education, and professional spiritual fitness discussions.


Living out spirituality in a personal, meaningful, and purposeful way. Remaining engaged in life’s meaning/purpose, hopeful about life/future, making sound moral decisions, engaged in meaningful relationships, able to forgive self and others, remaining respectful of others, and engaged in core values/beliefs.


Take a moment to self-assess your spiritual fitness.

Spiritual Fitness Guide


Spiritual Fitness: Identification of personal faith, foundational values, and moral living from a variety of sources and traditions help Marines live out Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, live the warrior ethos, and exemplify the character expected of a United States Marine.


A simple tool Marines can use to personally assess their level of Spiritual Fitness


A resource for leaders that provides a framework for Spiritual Fitness as well as a "How To" guide for leading Marines in conversations on the topic. Formatted for easy printing to place in a three ring notebook or viewed and shared in digital format.


Same resource as above, formatted in a small flip book size to be printed and spiral bound to easily fit in a cargo pocket.

Chaplain counseling

Spiritual Fitness Power Point

Spiritual Fitness Tie-Ins

CHAMP Spiritual Fitness Resources