Force Fitness Instructor

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****** UPDATE ******


Per MARADMIN 462/21, Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Marine Corps Active And Reserve Components, the Martial Arts & Fitness Center of Excellence will be modifying our course dates to eliminate the restriction of movement (ROM) period prior to the course convene dates.

Please continue to use MCTIMS as the single source for course dates/scheduling. All FY-22 course dates have been updated.  

If a Marine has a legitimate exemption from the vaccine in accordance with MARADMIN 462/21, we will require that Marine to conduct a ROM period of ten days here in the Quantico area, at the unit’s expense prior to the course report date.


Martial Arts & Fitness Center of Excellence Force Fitness Instructor Program Mission Statement:

The MAFCE conducts a Force Fitness Instructor Course that is positive, holistic, and progressive; utilizing structured functional exercise science in order to optimize mental and physical performance, reduce injuries, and maximize unit physical readiness.

Command Screening Checklist and Official Gear List are located on this page under Official Guidance.

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The Force Fitness Instructor curriculum and programming were developed in collaboration with the Marine Special Operations Command.