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The Martial Arts & Fitness Center of Excellence will be running a pilot program this spring that is a 2-week (non-resident; moodle-based) and 10-week (resident) long combination of the Martial Arts Instructor Course (MAITC) and Force Fitness Instructor Course (FFIC). Upon completion, the Marines will be awarded both the 0917 and 0919 MOS.

To register: Enroll your Marines in MAITC 2-21 (CID: M02MMKT).

If you currently have Marines enrolled in MAITC 2-21 you will need to verify that they will be able to attend the course. If they cannot, please de-register them or contact the Senior Enlisted Advisor, GySgt Anthony Sanders for assistance.

Pertinent information:

Report date: March 29

ROM dates: March 29 – April 11

Convene date: April 12

Graduation date: June 18

Course prerequisites:

1. Sergeant or above

2. Brown belt (no instructor certification required, but highly recommended)

3. 1st Class PFT/CFT

4. Full duty status

5. Shoulder injury free in the past two years

6. No concussion/TBI within the past 6 months

7. No NJP’s in the last year

8. No pending legal action

9. CPTR (MarineNet classes for PFT, CFT, BCP/MAP complete)

In order to execute this program we will be cancelling FFIC 3-21 (M02MN1T). We encourage anyone interested in the combination course who meets the prerequisites to register.

Additionally we will be canceling FFIC 4-21 in order to support a mobile training team (MTT) course in MCAGC Twentynine Palms. CID: M02MN1M, class 4-21.

********** COMBO COURSE GEAR LIST ***********

The Command Screening Checklist for MAIT Course would be used. The course prerequisites within the message will not be waived. However as long as the Marine has completed the non-resident PME for their rank they will be accepted. Use the MAIT Command Screening Checklist (CSC) but the prerequisites within the message will be utilized if it conflicts with the CSC.


Marine Corps Force Fitness Readiness Center / Force Fitness Instructor Mission Statement

The Force Fitness Readiness Center (FFRC) develops instructors focused on optimizing performance, increasing durability, and maximizing readiness of United States Marines for battle through implementation of the Force Fitness Instructor Program. The FFRC uses contemporary science, subject matter experts, and partners in health and wellness in developing its programs.  The vision is a more capable and lethal warfighter that is able to use a holistic approach to sustain physical, mental, and spiritual fitness to endure the rigors of combat. 

How to Become an FFI

  In order to obtain the additional MOS of Force Fitness Instructor you must meet the following prerequisites:

- The Marine must be a Sergeant or above and be in a full duty status.

- The Marine must also score 1st Class on both the PFT and CFT and be within Height and Weight Standards in accordance with MCO 6100.13A w/ch1 Marine Corps Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Tests.

-The Marine must have at least one year time in service left on their contract.

-Command Screening Checklist and Official Gear List are located on this page under Official Guidance.







The Force Fitness Instructor curriculum and programming were developed in collaboration with the Marine Special Operations Command.