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Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis



Click here for the BIA Locator Tracker file. This is CAC-enabled and located on our sharepoint site.   This link will show the current BIAs that are shipped and updated consistently throughout the month of January as the remaining BIA devices ship.

IF YOU ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS accessing the locator tracker DO NOT CLICK "request access." Instead send an email to and access will be established for you.

Please see below links for all training and locations in regards to the InBody 770 BIA devices. The Commander's Training Letter is a requirement upon completion of BIA training in order to certify Marines (FFIs and CPTRs) on how to properly analyze Marines utilizing the BIA devices. This letter is separate from the CPTR appointment letter.


As the nation’s force in readiness, we constantly analyze and assess our policies and standards to ensure our Marines remain healthy, capable, and ready for the fight. The U.S. Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command, in collaboration with the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM), recently concluded a year-long study to evaluate current body composition standards and ensure they optimize health, performance, and fitness.

This study is one of the most technologically advanced studies on the topic since the 1980s, drawing participation from a diverse group of more than 2,100 Marines, including more than 1,400 men and 700 women, 196 of whom were postpartum. Data collection for the body composition study took place at three sites. All three sites incorporated various methodologies to assess body composition (via anthropometrics and absorptiometry) in addition to a performance assessment. 

Gen. David Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps, received the study's findings and made the following decisions: the performance exemption for Marines who score a 285 or higher on their fitness tests will remain in place; prior to assigning Marines to the Body Composition Program, commanders will assess body composition using more advanced body composition methods effective Jan. 1, 2023; and a one percent increase in total allowable body fat for female Marines effective Jan. 1, 2023.


BIA Scanner

U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) introduces the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis machine on Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va....