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BIA Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Questions

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 Marines who were already on BCP prior to 1 Jan 2023. Will the process need to start over with the new BIA device for these Marines that initiated their BCP prior to 2023? Conversely, would these Marines continue under the old process?

Marines currently assigned to BCP do not need to have their BCP period restarted.  All that is required is that those Marines need to have their Body fat verified via BIA within 30 days. A new NAVMC  (as an addendum to the already existing BCP assignment NAVMC) can be added to their BCP file noting the BF verification was conducted.

       Per MCBUL 6110 dtd 28 Dec 22, paragraph 3. b.5 reads:

 (5) Marines currently assigned to MCBCMAP prior to the effective date of this Bulletin will adhere to reference (a) but will have their body fat reassessed via BIA within 30 days. Marines assigned to MCBCMAP prior to the effective date of this Bulletin and that meet body composition standards within the newly published standards, will be removed from MCBCMAP.

 Can my unit connect the Inbody 770 to a computer to email the results?

No. The TECOM procured Inbody machines have had all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and network capabilities removed to comply with IT policies. 

 How long after failing a tape test must a Marine receive a BIA scan?

Marines who are confirmed as failing the body circumference measurement technique, also known as the tape method, must receive a BIA scan within seven calendar days in accordance with MARADMIN 652/22.

 If a Marine receives a BIA scan at a unit they are not a part of, how will that information be verified and uploaded to MCTIMS?

The verification and upload process of official BIA scans are outlined in MARADMIN 652/22. To ensure body fat verification is accurately captured, the units will create a separate calendar event and scoresheet in MCTIMS to include the weigh-in and upload the BIA results sheet. As the Marine Corps looks to update training management tools, there will be additional guidance on how to publish this data.

 Can units utilize their BIA machine as their primary resource for semi-annual weigh-ins?

Commands should use the digital or balance beam scale for semi-annual weigh-ins or the approved BIA machine.  The circumference measurement technique (also known as the tape method) will still serve as the initial screen for body fat estimation.

 Following a failed BIA scan and follow-on BCP assignment, how often will Marines need to receive additional BIA scans? Will BCP-assigned Marines be scanned weekly with their weigh-ins?

Marines will be scanned prior to their first or second assignment to BCP and before being processed for administrative separation, as applicable. A weekly scan that coincides with weekly weigh-ins is not required.

 Can Marines be assigned to BCP after failing a tape test but before receiving their BIA scan?


 What if my command isn’t issued a BIA? How can I be screened?

Locations of fielded BIA are listed on the locations tab at Commands and units that receive BIA machines must support or allow access to any Marine Corps unit that has not been identified to receive a BIA machine. Marines required to travel for BIA or DEXA scan may have their scan verified by a local CPTR/FFI.

Training Questions

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 Are BIA results considered to contain PII or PHI?  Will CPTRs and FFIs need to obtain HIPAA training?

The InBody 770 scanner does not contain HIPAA protected information. While the results can be used as an indicator of health, they are not a diagnosis or declaration of an individual’s health or medical status.

 How will the Marine Corps train and certify Marines to use and maintain the BIA at my unit?

Per MARADMIN 652/22, Marines designated as command physical training representatives and force fitness instructors will familiarize themselves with the videos and information published on until the requisite MarineNet material (specifically, course FFDBCP02) is updated. Once updated, MarineNet will become the sole training source for usage of the BIA. CPTRs and FFIs will update their training rosters as required. Rosters must be certified and signed by the unit commander or officer-in-charge. Once MarineNet is updated, CPTRs and FFIs will recertify using MarineNet as the singular, authorized training source. 

Fielding and location Questions

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 Can a unit purchase their own Inbody scanner using unit funds?

Yes. A unit may purchase the TECOM-approved InBody 770. The currently contracted machines meet specific Marine Corps data security protocols and parameters to ensure standardized execution in accordance with the Body Composition and Military Appearance Program. Training and Education Command continues to monitor the capabilities available in the commercial marketplace.  If another potential source emerges, the Marine Corps will assess whether competition for future requirements is feasible.

 Can I send my Marines to receive a BIA scan at a non-Marine Corps BIA location?

No. Only the Training and Education Command-fielded “InBody 770” BIA machines are approved for official Marine Corps scans.

 What do units who are not fielded a BIA do to comply with the upcoming MCBUL?

Commanders should ensure all CPTRs and FFIs have completed their updated BCP training prior to 1 January 2023.  Commanders should familiarize themselves with BIA locations and conduct coordination with closest available units to ensure Marines are provided access to fielded machines.  Commanders may authorize unit funded TAD for Marines requiring a BIA scan.

 When will my unit receive its BIA?

The first 257 BIA units began shipping to designated commands in November and December 2022. Fielding locations are available via the locations link on

 How were BIA fielding locations determined?

Initial fielding locations were based on in-depth analyses that ultimately allowed TECOM to prioritize units with a demonstrated need for the assessment methods, locations that are centrally accessible in order to support the Marine Corps Total Force, and units isolated from other installations or machines.

Technical and warranty Questions

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 Do I need to contact InBody to activate the warranty?

No. The warranty will begin automatically at the time of shipment and is associated with the unique item identification (UID).

 If the BIA at my unit is non-operational, how will my unit comply with the order?

BIAs purchased through the TECOM contract are eligible for repairs. Temporary BIA machines will be shipped to the unit in accordance with warranty guidance. For any additional questions, refer to for specific information.

 Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of the BIA at my unit?

Units that receive Training and Education Command-fielded BIA machines are responsible for the daily care, maintenance, and supplies needed to operate machines. The TECOM-fielded machines include a 4-year warranty as part of the service level contract. Units must adhere to the daily care and maintenance terms within the warranty to receive warranty support. For technical issues or questions related to product support and warranty, please contact the InBody USA representatives assigned to the Marine Corps contract at or (562) 645-4083, extension 163. For all other questions, refer to for specific information.

 What course of action does my unit take if my BIA machine is broken or needs repair?

Per the warranty, units are to contact Inbody warranty support directly for assistance. For technical issues or warranty support, please contact the InBody USA representatives assigned to the Marine Corps contract at or (562) 645-4083, extension 163. For all other questions, refer to for specific information. InBody warranty support  operates on Pacific Standard time.

Depending on the level of repair needed, InBody may direct units to ship the Inbody machine back for repairs. InBody will issue a temp loan/replacement BIA to the unit. InBody will provide a shipping label to the unit directly through warranty support.